At PAC-Hub, we're passionate about revolutionizing the world of college athletics through innovative technology solutions. With a focus on connecting players with coaches and schools, as well as empowering organizations to fundraise effectively, we're committed to driving positive change in the sports industry. Here's what sets us apart:

• College Transfer Portal: Our leading-edge transfer portal connects players with coaches and schools, providing athletes with opportunities to shine and teams with essential talent.

• NIL Platform: Through our groundbreaking NIL platform, we're empowering student-athletes to capitalize on their name, image, and likeness, opening up new avenues for financial success.

• Instant Collective: Our latest offering, Instant Collective, enables organizations to effortlessly launch and manage fundraising campaigns, leveraging the power of collective giving to support their teams' needs.

Join us in shaping the future of college athletics and unlocking new possibilities for athletes and organizations alike.


Our Team for College Sports

"I believe PAC-Hub will be a very good resource for coaches, student athletes and administrators alike. It streamline the process and give us the important information we need to make decisions; I also believe it will save us a great amount of time which is our most valuable commodity. Video, stats, references, schedules and all the necessary academic, eligibility and contact information we need will be easily accessible. This will lead to improved education and understanding the result will be better decisions and ultimately help student athletes find a home where they can get a great degree and play at the highest level possible in the sport they love." - Kevin J. Hinchey, President / CEO

President / CEO

Kevin J. Hinchey

Vice President

John Iannelli

Director of Business Development

Easton Bertrand

Social Media Director

Manny Garcia

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